Reliable Insulation for Your Property

Spray foam insulation can help you Eliminate Drafts – Live in a More Energy Efficient, Comfortable, and Healthier Building
Spray Foam Insulation is simply the best insulation you can install in your home or building in Alaska. It is estimated that up to 40% or more of your home’s energy loss is due to air leakage through holes, cracks and gaps in the building structure. SPF can seal your home from air and moisture leakage, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your home, and help to protect your family’s health from dangerous mold and airborne pollutants.

Why use spray foam instead of other conventional insulations? Spray foam insulates and air seals the building’s exterior in one application. Conventional insulations can’t say this.

Spray foam insulation achieves a perfect fit every time eliminating voids and gaps between other building elements reducing air infiltration thus reducing energy loss. It doesn’t sag, settle or deteriorate like other conventional insulations.

Spray Foam insulation provides major cost savings over conventional insulations:

Reduced thermal load leads to reduced heating and cooling unit sizes. This reduction in thermal load is achieved through higher R values over conventional insulations and the sealing qualities of spray foam.

Decreased exterior wall depth means reduced material costs. With conventional insulations, a 2×6 exterior wall is needed to obtain the highest possible overall R value. Structurally only 2×4 walls are required. Spray foam provides higher R values in less space.

Other key benefits of spray foam include overall building comfort through moisture control, indoor air quality, sound reduction and inhibited mold growth. Spray foam is not only ideal for new residential, commercial and industrial construction but equally suited for all types of additions and open cavity remodels as well as pre-engineered metal buildings and machine sheds. Chinook Foam & Insulation also applies exterior damp proofing to concrete foundations and basements as well as roof coating systems.





Spray Foam insulation out-performs conventional insulation materials because they (conventional insulation materials) trap still-dry air and if that air moves or becomes wet, the thermal resistance can drop by 50%. Spray Foam protects against air infiltration, which can increase energy costs in buildings by 10 to 40%. Eliminate these drafts and live in a more energy-efficient, comfortable and healthier building by choosing spray foam insulation.

Why hire us?

With 17 years of insulation experience in Alaska, we pride ourselves on a job well done and a satisfied customer.

  • Quality – When you let a professional install your spray foam insulation, you know that it is being done efficiently. We are experienced in the best practices for installing spray foam in your home.
  • Safety – Professional spray foam insulation contractors know how to properly apply the product.
  • Knowledge – If you have any questions about spray foam insulation during the process, we can answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Thinking of adding Spray Foam Insulation to your home? Give us a call at (907) 982-7428. Our professionals will discuss any concerns you may have about your insulation and help you determine if spray foam insulation is the right choice for your home insulation.